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The Internet Never Got A Shutdown Order: You Don’t Need PPP... You Need PPC and SEO

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In the aftermath of a crisis we find purpose by playing a role in the recovery. Many companies found their role by repurposing existing assets to fulfill a new need. Auto plants made ventilators, clothing companies made masks, and distillers made hand sanitizer, just to name a few. For my company, it was clear that we didn’t need to shift gears at all in order to help. As the pandemic moved across the United States, and “business-as-usual” ceased to exist, digital channels became a lifeline for businesses, and it was clear our role would be as a connector between patient and provider.

The goal is now to establish normalcy, reconnect with patients and staff, address needs, and move forward. These are the hurdles we are currently working through with our addiction treatment clients to prepare them to reemerge stronger. Digital marketing is absolutely helping rehab owners and management navigate and recover their businesses. Even for the professionals who work everyday on the ever changing playing field of digital marketing, it's not easy work. So to further aid in our industry's recovery I am sharing with you my latest whitepaper that focused directly on the action items that your marketing team can implement right away to pave the path back to normalcy.

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