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Patient Brokering is Still Killing the Reputation of Addiction Treatment Centers - Why this Practice Has to Stop

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The need for agreed-upon addiction marketing ethics has been keenly felt in the rehab industry for a long time. At first, the general public knew little about the behind-the-scenes black-hat marketing that took place. In recent years, however, drug rehab scandals involving things like patient brokering have made national headlines. As a result, the reputation of addiction treatment has been threatened, far more than many people in the rehab industry realize.

Many addiction treatment centers and marketers trying to do the right thing had been frustrated for a long time. For years, addiction treatment marketing resembled the wild west because there were few, if any, rules. Unethical marketers or facilities knew that they could get away with nearly anything. Sadly, true ethical standards in the industry existed more in theory than in practice.

Dreamscape Marketing has encountered a number of deceptive marketing practices occurring in the addiction treatment industry. This includes black-hat marketers changing its clients’ phone numbers on Google My Business in an attempt to capture potential patients. In fact, we have filed numerous complaints with Google about these operators over a period of several years. The scope of problems encountered are shining examples of the problem at hand. One technique encountered involved unscrupulous marketers trying to hack Dreamscape client websites. Why? Because they were attempting to get their hands on patient names in the facility’s database.

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