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Best Practices in the Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

November 30, 2015

Co-occurring disorders has a variety of different meanings depending upon clinical background and field, but to the addiction treatment field this means having a patient who is experiencing two distinct brain diseases at the same the time, which can create especially unique challenges for clinicians during treatment.

Successful treatment hinges on the ability of a clinician to focus on holistic wellness of lifestyle, past treatment history, accurate diagnoses, the recognition of past traumas, and a number of other important characteristics.  Also on the cutting-edge of treatment techniques are new testing protocols, which detect genetic predispositions toward particular drugs, and detect new designer drugs that may produce dramatic negative outcomes for those with co-occurring disorders.

Join Mary Woods, CEO of WestBridge, as she defines the top clinical considerations for the treatment of co-occurring disorders.  Watch this video, as Woods defines these characteristics and explores the testing measures that are available to meet the needs of this highly specialized population.

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